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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lousy shitbags...

Initially I didn't think I would post about this but I really have to. I have only been driving for four years. My first car was an 86 Plymouth Reliant( aka a junker) . It did not have a stereo, I know, shocking. It had am/fm only and that barely worked. I got a new car about a year and a half ago. It's an 01 Hyundai. It also had a radio and tape (gasp) but no cd. Now, because Joe spends money when we can't afford it, he bought me a new deck for my car. For no reason other than he is sweet. I had the deck about three months and on Saturday, during the day, in my motherfucking driveway, some piece of shit, smarmy bastard little fuck, broke into my car and stole my stereo. They broke my center dash and I had to order a new one. I can't even get the old one to push all the way back in and I have to drive it like that until the part comes in.

It's not like I live in a bad area, quite the opposite actually. I don't drive a fancy car. I don't have a huge home. I work hard at my shithole job for every penny I bring in. Joe's car got broken into in October at a restaurant we have been going to for 5 years!!. What the fuck??? People who steal desreve to get a full body rash on a hot day with no a/c and a screaming toddler at their feet with a loaded diaper (nappy for British Dave).


Monday, July 25, 2005

I got tagged..

Lisa from http://try2laugheverday.blogspot.com/ tagged me with a new different list. I don't know if I will be able to do it but I'll give it a go.

My top 10 turn ons in no particular order:

1. Sexy mussed hair
2. Green eyes
3. Sense of humor
4. Flowers for no reason
5. Intelligence
6. Kindness
7. Generous
8. Back rubs without expecting reciprocation (or sex)
9. Soft breath on my thigh
10. Loyalty

My top 10 turn offs in no particular order:

1. Selfish
2. Manipulative
3. Liars
4. Unfaithful
5. Bad breath
6. Excessive or unmanaged body hair
7. Childishness
8. Bad manners
9. Narrow minded
10. Racist

Okay, so now I have to tag three... Heather, Sue and British Dave (sorry I am unsure how many Dave's there are)!

Friday, July 22, 2005

A question list I stole, but I will give credit!

I got this from a very nice bloke whose blog I read. He is Dave and this is his Blog, http://dchassocks.blogspot.com/ . I hope he doesn't mind.. =) I am not doing SPF this week because I was tired and I had already cooked my specialty on Monday before I knew about this weeks theme! It's cavatelli and cauliflower by the way, and it is fucking amazing. Anyway, here is a cute list.

What I was doing 10 years ago: Well 10 years ago I was 17. I had left home because it became unbearable and I was sort of homeless. I stayed with about 4 friends, jumping from place to place. I was working at a pizza restaurant and I was pretty sick of eating pizza but at least I was not going hungry. Nobody understands why I hate pizza now. That is why.

5 years ago: I was working fraud prevention for Discover card. My boss was a stupid cunt (yes, I said the c word) and nothing else was too much different from now.

1 year ago: An insurance agent for the shithole company I hate.

Yesterday: Wanting to bang my head into my desk because I am still at the shithole insurance company.

5 snacks I enjoy:

1) PRINGLES. Oh God I love me some pringles.
2) french fries
3) celery sticks with ranch
4) ruffles with cheese dip
5) really good homemade salsa

5 songs I know all the words to:

1) Bill Withers, "Ain't no Sunshine"
2) Bad Religion, "My poor friend me" or any other song on Recipe for Hate
3) Coldplay, "Kingdom Come" or ANY other Coldplay song
4) Duncan Sheik, "Half Life" or any other Duncan song.. I love him =)
5) Frank Sinatra, anything off the Very Best of Album
(can you all tell I love music passionately?)

5 things I would do with 10 million dollars:

1) Pay off my house as well as a list of friends/family's houses & debts
2) Set up college funds for my 2 neices and 1 nephew
3) Go to the Yoga resort I am dying to visit in Bali
5) Buy a flat in London (or Manchester)and a villa in Spain

5 locations I would like to visit:

1) United Kingdom
2) My grandfathers gravesite in Worcester, Mass
3) Bali
4) Thailand
5) New Zealand

5 bad habits I have:

1) Procrastination
2) I leave drink cups everywhere
3) I am an obsessive perfectionist.. I will read/edit this at least twice before I post it
4) insecurity
5) I leave the garage light on

5 things I like doing:

1) yoga
2) museums
3) strip clubs
4) planetariums
5) anything with Joe

5 TV shows I like:

1)Monty Python
2)Changing rooms

5 biggest joys of the moment:

1) My husband
2) My home (I love my new tile and furniture)
3) I am 27 and I don't look 27 (so they tell me)
4) My cat doing the yawn/stretch/meow combo towards me
5) my ceramic flat iron (best $100 I ever spent)

5 favourite toys:

1) my Ipod Mini
2) my new necklace
3) the CD burner
4) the Sony mini handycam
5) my Nikon

Wow, that took a long time... I like it though. If anyone else wants to do it, copy it to your blog and let me know so I can read yours okay? (If you don't have a blog you can use the comments! I don't mind.)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Crying in my Potter...

I started reading Half Blood Prince at about 3:30 yesterday and I finshed at about 5 today. I had all kinds of annoying interruptions like work but I managed to eek it out. J.K. Rowling has no heart (I don't mean that J.K.) . I will not put a spoiler on my site.. I expect people to actually read and I will not give away the end of any book, but I will say I cried good and solid over the loss. I cannot believe that we have to wait two more years for the conclusion. ** sigh** I am drained.

Friday, July 15, 2005

This is one thing from the 80's I cannot let go. I don't know why. I just love the little guy.  Posted by Picasa

This is my fave 80's movie. I always wanted to marry a Lloyd Dobbler.  Posted by Picasa

Stuff Portrait Friday

Okay, so sorry, any photos of me in the 80's are (thankfully) buried somewhere in the closet. So I only have two for SPF.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Labrador retrievers are the most popular breed why??

Okay, so I told Charlotte about this but I figure I will share my humiliation with all my blogging buddies. As you know from a previous post my air conditioning on my house went out on Sunday so we had to stay at my in laws. We had to take our yellow labs Max and Sam with us because it was like 100 degrees in the house. We load up both cars (because we had to both work on Monday morning) and drive to Joe's parents. When we get there we immediately put the dogs out back to do their business before bedtime. So Joe, myself and both his parents are sitting at the island that separates the family room from the kitchen, chatting before we all go to sleep for the evening. I am thanking them for letting us stay and apologizing for the suddeness of our visit. Joe gets up to let the boys in. Now, we have not been there 5 minutes, keep that in mind. Max comes loping in the house and immediately sits down and starts to drag his ass across the carpet. We yell for him to cease his revolting behavior and to my horror when he rises, he has left a skid. I was mortified. Apologies immediately came forth and Joe ran to get the carpet cleaner. Seriously, remind me why I have dogs again??

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Five Questions.. I forgot to do this..

Lisa had this on her blog which is one of my faves so she sent me the questions too.

1. What is your one of your favorite childhood memories?
Spending the weekends at my Aunt Sharons house. She was my refuge.

2. Who is your hero?
I don't know if I have a hero. There are people that I respect a lot. Oprah Winfrey(because she is such a great role model) , Hilary Clinton (because she is so strong and fought for her marriage) and Ellen Degeneres (because she is so brave and her spirit is extraordinary)

3. If you were an anmial which one would it be?
Who knows.. probly a cat or a sloth. They both have nice, lazy, slow paced lives.

4. Where is your favorite vacation or favorite place in the world?
Well I haven't been that many cool places. Just a lot in the US. In U.S I would say either Sedona, AZ or Las Vegas baby. Out of U.S. then Cancun, Mexico.

5. How old were you when you got your first kiss, details please!!
Well just kiss was probly 5 with Joshua on the playground in kindergarten, actual kiss I think 12 with Lee. Not much detail to give. Let's just say I certainly made up for lost time after that.

This is Lisa's site address.. it's really funny and I think she is such a nice person.. http://try2laugheverday.blogspot.com/ . Okay, so there we are.. now I am off to have my head implode..

I got nothin.

Okay, so my pathetic life is boring. Nothing to talk about. Have a monster headache. Can't see the keyboard so if my typing is bad I apologize. My a/c went out on Sunday and since I live in the 7th dimension of hell, also known as Phoenix (it was 116 today if you require proof) we had to stay at my in laws on Sunday night. Tiny bed for Joe and I. That just doesn't work. A/C got fixed Monday so back in the house. Gonna go lay on my face now and hope that my head just gets it over with and implodes. If I die, you will all have to make sure Joe has a hot date to my funeral. No moping.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday.

Okay, well here is my "Stuff" . Love my wedding pics, although you can't really see any pics I post all that well. As my excuse I furnish the fact that I do not own a digital camera. I own a digital camcorder. It does not take quality stills. Sorry folks. I resist the digital picture age.

Anyway, not to much to blog about. Haven't done much of anything. I am very excited about Harry Potter next week. I have the book ordered and am practically drooling with anticipation. Lovely Charlotte and Sue got me amazon money for my birthday so I ordered the next book from my fave authors, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. They are seriously AWESOME. That should be here Monday so YEA!

Okay, I don't want to bore you all with my "not much happening life" right now. I am gonna go read. I know, it's shocking. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

DOG HAIR ON THE TILE! I hate it. Big household pet peeve.  Posted by Picasa

These are my magazine subs. Music, food and yoga. Live for all 3.  Posted by Picasa

I could not decide. I love this one too.  Posted by Picasa

This was the walk "Down the aisle" I love the bubbles.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Ipod mini. Seriously dude. Make the investment. Sooo worth every penny.  Posted by Picasa

Now that is what I call a birthday gift from a good husband.  Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 04, 2005

Some weekends kick ass.

I really had a great weekend. And for me, that is saying something. Friday night we went out drinkin' for my birthday which was the following Saturday. This is out of the ordinary because I don't generally drink. Once in Vegas with Charlotte and Sue and the gang but before that it had been a while. So, anyhoo, had a group of friends.. (thank you to all of you who came to witness my debauchery)and we went to the Fox and Hound. Good time was had by all. I think. =)

Saturday (my b-day) we went to dinner at a lovely italian place called Maggiano's. My in-law's came with us and they promised there would be no garish waiters singing at me in any manner with a piece of cake so I was pleased. After dinner we went to Gammage Auditorium to see The Phantom Of the Opera. It was wonderful, to say the least. But I do have one comment to make. Who teaches people how to dress for the theatre?? Don't these people have any friends? I mean really people!! I live to make fun of people and I swear to you, cannon fodder everywhere. Oh, and did I mention Joe got me a three stone diamond necklace? Nice how I tossed that in there as an afterthought huh? I am sly like that. ;)

Sunday was my 7th wedding anniversary. It was quiet and nice. We lounged around the house. Exchanged gifts. I got Joe and engraved pocket watch (he is a watch whore) and he got me an Ipod. It's very cool. Went to lunch. Came back.. did a little more lounging and then went to dinner and a movie. We saw War of the World's. It was pretty cool and I think Dakota Fanning is about the cutest kid ever.

Monday we did a lot of laying around, watched fireworks from the front yard of our very good friend Eric who lives in our neighborhood and came home. All in all, banner weekend. You can't go wrong with dinner out, diamonds and Ipod's. (We went and bought Joe one too).

Sometimes life is just really nice and you have to stop and say it.