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Monday, July 04, 2005

Some weekends kick ass.

I really had a great weekend. And for me, that is saying something. Friday night we went out drinkin' for my birthday which was the following Saturday. This is out of the ordinary because I don't generally drink. Once in Vegas with Charlotte and Sue and the gang but before that it had been a while. So, anyhoo, had a group of friends.. (thank you to all of you who came to witness my debauchery)and we went to the Fox and Hound. Good time was had by all. I think. =)

Saturday (my b-day) we went to dinner at a lovely italian place called Maggiano's. My in-law's came with us and they promised there would be no garish waiters singing at me in any manner with a piece of cake so I was pleased. After dinner we went to Gammage Auditorium to see The Phantom Of the Opera. It was wonderful, to say the least. But I do have one comment to make. Who teaches people how to dress for the theatre?? Don't these people have any friends? I mean really people!! I live to make fun of people and I swear to you, cannon fodder everywhere. Oh, and did I mention Joe got me a three stone diamond necklace? Nice how I tossed that in there as an afterthought huh? I am sly like that. ;)

Sunday was my 7th wedding anniversary. It was quiet and nice. We lounged around the house. Exchanged gifts. I got Joe and engraved pocket watch (he is a watch whore) and he got me an Ipod. It's very cool. Went to lunch. Came back.. did a little more lounging and then went to dinner and a movie. We saw War of the World's. It was pretty cool and I think Dakota Fanning is about the cutest kid ever.

Monday we did a lot of laying around, watched fireworks from the front yard of our very good friend Eric who lives in our neighborhood and came home. All in all, banner weekend. You can't go wrong with dinner out, diamonds and Ipod's. (We went and bought Joe one too).

Sometimes life is just really nice and you have to stop and say it.


Blogger Wicked Wanda said...

That sounds like the perfect weekend to me. I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday. I really like my girlfriends MP3 player and I might really have to go get me a mini one now.
Take care,

10:32 AM  
Blogger J Bo said...

Happy Birthday and Anniversary, Kate! Diamonds and a night out on the town...what more could a girl ask for? :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

11:03 AM  
Blogger Charlotte in Pa said...

Fabulous! I am so, so happy you had a nice birthday weekend. You deserve it, of course. I hope you enjoyed the theater - I know you were looking forward to it. Happy Birthday, dear!

3:06 PM  

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