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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Funny sex questions... ;)~ If you don't want to know these things about me you should move on ...

1. Is there any type of sexual act you're embarrassed to ask for? (If so, what? Hee...)
No, not anything I can think of...

2. Have you ever dumped someone purely because of bad sexual performance?
Yes... why would you waste your time on someone who was bad in bed???

3. Name something you would say no to if asked to do in bed.
Anything involving urine, feces or animals.. I am pretty much up for anything else.

4. The three words that best describe you in bed are ____, ____, and ____.
Naughty, kinky and vocal.

5. Have you ever been so emotionally moved by a sexual experience (in a good way), that you cried? Yes

Bonus (as in optional): What could your partner bring to bed that would most turn you on?
a cute girl to share. ;)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

On a holiday again..

Joe and I went to Williams, Arizona for the weekend. It is a tiny little town off of Historic Rte 66 and about 50 miles from the Grand Canyon. We stayed at the most charming Bed and Breakfast, The Grand Living B & B. The owners, Gloria and Bill were lovely and we were made to feel like family. We were pretty low key, ate at family restaurants, sat on the porch in rocking chairs and even laid in the driveway in the middle of the night to look at the BILLIONS of stars you could actually see. It was nice. We went to a deer farm... I didn't even know there was such a thing. There are just deer all over and you feed them but they won't go away. It was a little disconcerting.. 40 pairs of large doe eyes staring at you, surrounding you, waiting for corn... following you. It was like a fluffy version of Alfred Hitchcock's, "The Birds". There were all sorts of other animals at the farm also, reindeer, birds, mini donkeys and cattle.. craziest farm I have ever seen. Overall we had a wonderful relaxing time and are looking forward to going back soon!! Oh, and I have posted an endless number of pics.. I will beg your forgiveness.

The Grand Living Bed and Breakfast, Williams, AZ.  Posted by Picasa

Make a wish Posted by Picasa

Backyard Posted by Picasa

This was in the field next to the B&B. Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

The view from my window at the B&B. Posted by Picasa

This was taken while she was chewing on my shirt. I could not stop laughing. Part goat-part deer?? Posted by Picasa

Pretty bird. Posted by Picasa

Joe made a friend. Posted by Picasa

Pose for the camera. Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

The farm had all sorts of animals.. this one is in dire need of orthodontics. A face only a mother could love. Posted by Picasa

Nature at it's finest. Posted by Picasa

That deer loved the taste of Joe's shirt so much she closed her eyes to enjoy the flavor even more! Posted by Picasa

We went to the Grand Canyon Deer Farm. They are like pretty goats.. they eat everything! Posted by Picasa

The dam outside of Dogtown Lake Posted by Picasa

Sunset in Williams Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

These grow wild all over Williams Posted by Picasa