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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Childfree and alienated...

What is it with women insisting that I will change my mind about having a child. I am joyously child free and have no intention of changing that. Why do people feel the need to ask when I am going to pop out a few little brats? Do I ask them about their sex lives? In essence that is what they are doing. I am unable to count how many times I have heard the phrase, "Oh, you will change your mind." As if I don't know my own mind. And to make it almost laughable, when I say that I will not in fact, change my mind and politely advise them (even though it is not their business) that Joe has had a vasectomy, they respond with, "Oh, well that's okay, it's reversable." Do they really think he would have gone through that if we were not absolutely sure we didn't want a baby?

Okay, with that said.. I have a baby shower that I have to go to tomorrow. I do not enjoy them usually. (love the friend having the baby though) It is all women who have kids talking about kids. How fun for me. I feel like the older I get with no kids, the more alienated I am from my own sex. Is it impossible for society to see a woman as a productive member of society unless she is a baby machine? Do we have to breed to have a meaning in life? I really don't think so. Baby showers are so intinidating for me that it has come to the point that I have to prove to these women that although I am not a breeder, I am a creative and interesting person. I am making a yummy spinach artichoke dip and I put together a "diaper cake" (pictured below). It is made of rolled diapers, layered and wrapped in receiving blankets and then you tuck in a bunch of small baby items.

I just about had a meltdown in the baby section of Target and called Charlotte in Philly to coach me through finding the right diapers. She was a lifesaver. If not for her I might still be wandering through the diaper section. After that I ended up at (of all places) Babies R Us. Thank goodness for Heather. I called and she came when I needed moral support. I really needed a Mom with me to help. I felt like an elephant in the china closet.

I am unsatisfied with all of the pics of the cake but you get the idea I guess. Anyone have any thought on the "you will change your mind" crap? Not trying to offend any Moms that read my blog, just feel like I am persecuted for having the ability to step out from societal expectations. Okay, down from the soap box....now. =)

Posted by Picasa I used Burts Baby Bees products because they are all natural and cruelty free =)

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Monday, August 22, 2005

This flamingo reminded me of every dumb bird you see on cartoons. I laughed every time I looked at it.  Posted by Picasa

I found these light up fish and I was hooked. HAHAHA! I crack myself up.  Posted by Picasa

The "fishermans" net on the walls and ceiling.. equipped with random fish and birds of course.  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Time with Sue and Charlotte and life in general

I am a bad blog owner. Is that like a bad dog owner? Both involve neglect but I am unsure. So sorry. I don't realize that people even read my blog until I go on hiatus and then I start hearing complaints. It is somewhat surreal. I guess this just seems like a weird journal and I assume no one actually looks at it.

Well I have been a bad blogger but I have been a busy, busy girl. I have been painting the house and preparing for Sue and Charlotte to come to visit. They got here on the 14th I believe and leave this Thursday. It has gone by so fast and I am so sad. We have spent a lot of time with them and it has been great. This weekend we went to a strip club and had many cocktails and lap dances(except Charlotte.. she is too demure for such debauchery I am sure). We also went to a gay bar and saw a bad drag show, went to Heather and Tim's for dinner and if that is not enough, I had a luau. It was action packed.

I am going to try and post some luau pics but I can make no guarantees as to quality. My pics are taken with a digital video camera, not a digital camera.. therefore, I have no flash.. sorry folks. I have a thing for actual film. That is why I won't give up my Nikon.

For a better account of some of the activities you can all go to the lovely.. www.Sueandcharlotte.blogspot.com . It is by far my favorite blog. I highly suggest you check out the little videos section on the side of the blog. It is damn funny.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday...

Okay, here is my stuff. This week courtesy of Kristine at http://randomandodd.blogspot.com/ we have portraits of our O.C.D.'s. I have many, but here are the requested highlights. Hope you all enjoy my neurotic tendencies. I know the hair one is a little narcissistic but hey, what can ya do?

Something that causes anxiety... Joe checking the mail. I hate the mail. It is never good news. Just bills and things that make me worry that we will be broke again. I seriously panic when the mail gets checked.  Posted by Picasa

My obsession... I OBSESS about my hair being STICK straight. I hate the white trash waviness/frizz my hair gets if I don't flat iron. I seriously am OCD about it.  Posted by Picasa

My Horrible habit.. I leave half empty glasses of tea all over the place. Sorry, I know it's gross. I am trying to stop. Is their a rehab for that? Posted by Picasa

Bad blogger.. bad.

I know I have not posted much lately. Sorry. My life is relatively uneventful. Nothing much going on. I go to work. I come home. I see Joe for about an hour and a half. He goes to bed. I read til about 1 or 2am, then I go to bed. I know, staggering how exciting things are here in AZ. The only recent thing is I bought new flowers for the front tiny flower bed. Woo hoo. Sorry folks, that's all Iv'e got. Talk to you later.