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Thursday, July 13, 2006

My M*A*S*H List from the previous post

Okay, I appreciate your lists.. I guess I will post mine!
Hawkeye- George Clooney
Trapper John- Kenneth Branagh
Hunnicut- Ryan Reynolds
Margaret- Sharon Stone
Radar- Simon Pegg
Potter- Tied with James Cromwell or Robert Duvall
Henry Blake- Mandy Patinkin
Burns- Liev Schrieber
Winchester- Brendan Gleeson
Klinger- Jay Chandrasekhar
Father Mulcahy- Alan Cumming

I know it's not perfect but I have been revising it for a while. I am not satisfied with a couple but it's a work in progress. =)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The new weekly challenge...

I have decided that if I can think of one, (and anyone actually plays) I will issue a weekly challenge. This week in honor of Charlotte at www.sueandcharlotte.blogspot.com the challenge is to sucessfully re-cast the movie and/or sitcom of M*A*S*H with current stars. Now you can do first half season (and movie) with Henry Blake, Trapper and Frank Burns or second half with Colonel Potter, Winchester and B.J.. You can go into serious detail or just hit the main cast. I hope you have lots of fun. Please leave your cast in the comments or let me know you posted in your own blog! I hope you all play. (You know, all meaning the 3 people who read my blog) .

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sedona trip 06'

Well we came back safely from Sedona. It was a lovely relaxing trip. We did a lot of laying around and shopping. We were sad to find out that all of the Coconino National Forests were closed due to a wildfire a little north of where we were so I didn't get to do the serious photography that I wanted but playing is fun too. We met a sweet couple our age named Dustin and Darcy that were celebrating there first anniversary. We spent quite a bit of time with them and it always involved a lot of wine! They were great and we really hope to keep in touch with them. I won't jabber too long because I posted a zillion pics but I wanted to say hi to everyone and I hope you all had a great fourth of July!

Joe is trying to be one with nature by doing his best at Vrksasana or Tree Pose. He is so cute sometimes I could just die.
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This is Snoopy Rock. If you look closely you will see Snoopy laying on his dog house. There is a little rock on a mountain above that resembles Lucy. Posted by Picasa

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These wild pigs (javelina, collared peccary) are bronze sculptures all painted differenty, placed throughout Sedona. Posted by Picasa

My superhero Joey. Posted by Picasa

That sure is a big cock... oh and there is a giant rooster behind Joe!
Sorry, I know that was foul (no pun intended) but I had to say it. Posted by Picasa

Anyone looking for a prince? This charming little statue was in a resort market called Tlaqapaque. Pronounced talakapawkee. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 07, 2006

A church built into the mountain. It is beautiful but overrun with elderly people walking very slowly. We didn't stay long. =) Posted by Picasa

The famous "we took this of ourselves" silly photo after breakfast at the Inn.  Posted by Picasa

This little grasshopper was missing his other back leg and I was so sad I thought he would surely die, but he was outside to greet us each morning as if to show he could overcome adversity. Posted by Picasa

This policewoman was so nice and her horse was playfful. He kept knickering at me and moving his lips to nip my hand.  Posted by Picasa

Flowers growing outside our patio at the Casa Sedona B&B Posted by Picasa

My sweetie  Posted by Picasa

Sedona AZ Posted by Picasa