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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Five Questions.. I forgot to do this..

Lisa had this on her blog which is one of my faves so she sent me the questions too.

1. What is your one of your favorite childhood memories?
Spending the weekends at my Aunt Sharons house. She was my refuge.

2. Who is your hero?
I don't know if I have a hero. There are people that I respect a lot. Oprah Winfrey(because she is such a great role model) , Hilary Clinton (because she is so strong and fought for her marriage) and Ellen Degeneres (because she is so brave and her spirit is extraordinary)

3. If you were an anmial which one would it be?
Who knows.. probly a cat or a sloth. They both have nice, lazy, slow paced lives.

4. Where is your favorite vacation or favorite place in the world?
Well I haven't been that many cool places. Just a lot in the US. In U.S I would say either Sedona, AZ or Las Vegas baby. Out of U.S. then Cancun, Mexico.

5. How old were you when you got your first kiss, details please!!
Well just kiss was probly 5 with Joshua on the playground in kindergarten, actual kiss I think 12 with Lee. Not much detail to give. Let's just say I certainly made up for lost time after that.

This is Lisa's site address.. it's really funny and I think she is such a nice person.. http://try2laugheverday.blogspot.com/ . Okay, so there we are.. now I am off to have my head implode..


Blogger maceydoo said...


I loved your answers!!! The cat or sloth one was great!! Yes, both of those animals are very low key amd mellow, a nice life!!

I hope you are feeling better!
Take care,

4:05 AM  
Blogger fretster said...

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12:48 PM  
Blogger fretster said...

lazy cat, hhmmmm
i like ur answers kate..
interview me tooo

how r u feeling now
take care

12:49 PM  

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