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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My sons (sort of)

I haven't really had a lot to post about recently so I am afraid you are all being subjected to badly taken photos. These are my sweet labs. Max is 9 and Sammy is 3. Max is very calm and just kind of a yellow doormat that snores. Sammy is a whole different story. If I had 1/8th the energy that dog has I would be a rich, rich woman. The only problem is you can practically see the cobwebs in his head. Let's just say he is not the brightest light in the harbor. He has an OCD I swear. No matter what I say to him, in dog apparently it translates to , "go get the rope toy." Max has nowhere near that kind of interest in anything except laying in the kiddie pool in the back yard and snacking. Come to think of it.. he may be the dog version of myself.


Blogger Charlotte in Pa said...

Awwww.... they are SO CUTE! Obviously Max takes after you, and Sammy takes after Joe. :-)

4:10 AM  
Blogger maceydoo said...

Oh They are both soooo sweet!
I love labs! My sister in law has a chocolate lab named Teddy, he is such a doll of a dog!!
I have a dog like Sammy! I call him "devil dog"
Take care girlie!

5:01 AM  
Blogger Wicked Wanda said...

They both are beautiful.
Much cuter than the spider. :)

3:23 PM  

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