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Saturday, June 18, 2005


1. A sense of loss and longing for someone or something gone.
2. A feeling of disappointment or distress about something that one wishes could be different.

Charlotte's post about taking things back has made me think. (I know, uh-oh) Why would you take things back if you had that power? Don't your actions and decisions make you who you are? If things could be done and then just undone, responsibility would just go out the window and life would mean a lot less. People are going downhill as it is but I shudder to think the downward spiral that would cause. You only get one shot to try and do things right. I like to think (hope) that is what drives people to be better human beings. KNOWING that they only get one chance to be a good parent or spouse or friend. I have made a lot of mistakes in life. We all have I am sure. I don't regret them. I won't say my mind doesn't occasionally wander into the land of "what if" but I have a wonderful life. I have a beautiful home, nice dogs, a sweet cat and most important, someone who loves me and sees in me something I don't think anyone else does. He can look at me and I feel so cherished. It is like I can't breathe without him. And I don't want to either. Is that unhealthy? I don't know. I never thought anyone would give me as much as I give them. It is amazing and I truly wish it for all of you who read this.

I wonder if he would take things back if he could.


Blogger maceydoo said...

You have a good attitude becuz I have alot of regrets!! There are several things I wish I could take back or do over!!
Yes, I kow it makes me who I am today, to of made the mistakes and learned, but wish some of my actions had not caused so much pain
Take care girlie!
Great Post!

8:50 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

Thanks Lisa, That was really sweet. ;)

9:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the things that I wished I could take back turned out to be best things that I ever did. I don't regret anything I have ever done because I have learned from every experience.

4:51 PM  
Blogger he said...

regret.. . . from feeling you shouldve ordered dinner differently, to the retrospect that leaves that pit in your stomach because you just cant believe you said/did/were THAT at one time, i believe that all beings that are conscious of self will have regret. its interesting that you "shudder to think the downward spiral" life with no responsibility for ones actions would enable, when in you/i/we live it everyday. welcome to the united states of america, where lawyers will make sure that nothing you do is ever your fault, AND, come to think of it, you need monetary compensation for having to think about it in the first place. where else on this little rock we call earth have children (CHILDREN!!) taken their parents to court to divorce them while the little old lady that will bitch for an hour about her coffee being cold, scalds herself on hot coffee and becomes wealthy from the experience?!
returning to your point, and including the offerings of others: i think (occasionally, and have come to the conclusion) that i agree with 'anonymous' in that what matters most is what you take from all of your experiences, regrettable or not. from there, its good to remember what you've learned, but let the regret go - it will only weigh heavily on ones soul and cast shadow on an otherwise bright smile.

he would take it all back, if he could.. . .

5:39 AM  
Anonymous Dick said...

One thing I am slowly learning is that one needs to learn to forgive himself/herself if s/he is going to learn to forgive others. Anne LaMott (funny/profound writer) said "forgiveness is no longer having to hit back." Frees oneself from ugly black guilt, which is the real crippler (along with anger). Your thoughts are true and worthwhile - acceptance of self is 1st step of growth.

3:54 PM  

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